Red Bull Flugtag Video

The Ruckus Test Team (my bike racing team) wanted desperately to get into Rud Bull Flugtag (google it). The team is stacked with talent: we have engineers and manufacturers with expertise in rocketry, bicycles, diesel engines and ultralight product design. We were a shoe-in—or so we thought. But how could we prove our abilities to Red Bull?

That's where I came in. 

I decided to commemorate Ruckus's successful 2012 launch of a hot dog into space with a hot dog-themed homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, leveraging the Ruckus team's expertise in engineering and R&D. Now I'll sit back and put my feet on the keyboard while the engineers figure out how to build an actual flying hot dog!

Update: we got in!

Update update: we didn't win.


Writer/Director: David Boerner

Director/Video: Dan Gonzalez

Producer: Andrew Yeoman

Actors: Sean Kellogg, Shawn Small, Richard Fattic