Why is Nike Nike and other shoe companies are just other shoe companies?

It's not the Swoosh. It's not the shoes. It's the brand!

For the past two years, I, along with a BUNCH of others, have helped create that brand.

My small part is writing the product descriptions, including all Jordan shoes and apparel.

So much of what we create here is classified. I've worked on product heat videos and email campaigns that will never see the light of day outside of Nike. And what I'm working on now probably won't come out until next year.

But here are some of my oldies:

Tech Sheets

Tech sheets are ground zero for product descriptions at Nike. We start with a blank sheet of paper, listen to a bunch of jargon from product managers and designers, and turn it into a document that can travel throughout the company and Nike's retailers—across languages, across users, and eventually straight to the consumer. They must be informative enough for buyers and trainees at stores, but consumer-friendly enough for retailers' websites. They need to carry Nike's bold, irreverent voice around the world, but can't be so playful that we run into legal problems in one of the many, many countries we sell in. They have the utilitarian look of something created in Adobe Illustrator 10 because they feed like a million systems!

Tech Sheets are to Nike digital campaigns what Wikipedia is to your Huff-Po article. You KNOW you just changed the words around!

sp18_mens_jordan_trunner_lx_shoe_M_897992_en copy.jpg


Nike SKU Copy

My team was also responsible for writing educational modules for Nike's e-learning platform SKU (Sports Knowledge Undeground). Here's a module I wrote about a new Nike Technology.