Nike built its empire on futures sales. To sell futures, you need good product info and this takes writers. And editors. And designers, videographers, etc. I got to work with some of the best during my time at the Nike Global Sales Commercial Content Center for Excellence.

The vast majority of my time as a product description copywriter at Nike was spent (you guessed it) writing product descriptions! I've written the first product descriptions for most Jordan and Nike Basketball shoes and apparel coming out in 2017.

I also conducted and edited seasonal product videos with product experts and athletes, wrote seasonal sales app copy, and acted as the product expert for seasonal photo and video shoots.

Most of my work can't be shared because the products aren't released, but here are a couple of examples of products that are out in the marketplace:


The Nike Global Sales PRESENT app is used all over the world in more languages than I probably know exist to help sell Nike products to retailers. We leverage both the copy we write for tech sheets as well as custom copy to fit the bill.

Tech Sheets

Tech sheets are the first formal descriptions written about products by Nike. The content from these tech sheets goes to sales representatives, marketing partners, training programs, retail partners for publication, and to internal writing teams for consumer-facing descriptions.


Nike SKU Copy

My team was also responsible for writing educational modules for Nike's e-learning platform SKU (Sports Knowledge Undeground). Here's a module I wrote about a new Nike Technology.