Digital Director, Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon

After fretting over the state of our nation for too long back in 2017, I decided it was time to do something.

So I looked at the U.S. House races in Oregon and Washington, determined which member of Congress was the most culpable, and found the best candidate to take them down. That candidate was Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Oregon's 2nd Congressional District.

I volunteered for Jamie’s campaign for several months during the primary — writing op-eds and weighing in on messaging. Then we won! That’s when the REAL work started.

The campaign hired me as Digital Director, and for 4.5 months, I worked harder and pushed myself further than at any point in my life.

I oversaw our social media, community management, and digital advertising — and I was at times involved with or in charge of: campaign messaging framework; communications strategy; radio and video scripts; video production; project management; digital team building; digital asset management.

I went into the campaign knowing it was an uphill battle — and we ultimately didn’t get the result we were looking for. But we moved the needle significantly. Here are some of the key metrics:


Although we didn’t get the result we wanted, I am extremely proud of the work we did.

Work Samples:


During my time as digital director, we generated 6.7 million Facebook impressions and 207,000 engagements — all with a team of just a couple people. We also policed thousands of comments on our organic channels and digital ads (that was fun..).

I personally drafted and worked on hundreds of posts — some were entirely rewritten; some approved without comment. You’ll have to send me a note if you want the breakdown on who wrote what. But you can see the final products here:


I oversaw the writing, shooting, production, editing, and approval of most of our videos during my time on staff. Although I’m not a video editor or producer myself, I worked with contractors and volunteers to get the videos shot and edited. Sometimes I wrote a script, and it was entirely thrown out the window. Sometimes it was recited word for word. Sometimes we had 4k drone footage. Sometimes iPhone. Whatever the case, I was there to push it across the finish line.

-writing, storyboard, production, location scouting

-script, production assistance

-talking points, production assistance, editing assistance