Cal-Ore Customer Profiles


One of my duties at Conveyor was writing and developing customer profile stories for Southern-Oregon internet service provider Cal-Ore Communications. Cal-Ore is headquartered in Klamath Falls and their business customers dot the landscape of the Klamath Basin and Siskiyou County in Northern California. Their customers are mom-and-pop shops, tech manufacturers, retailers, theaters—any business that requires fast, reliable internet.

Our goal was to tell stories that leveraged Cal-Ore's brand values of "real, local, trusted, professional" to make the connection between trusted local names and Cal-Ore—the only truly local internet service provider in the Klamath Basin.

We flew in for a whirlwind tour of the Klamath Basin, interviewing and photographing a dozen businesses in two days; then we came back and busted ass developing these stories and the content that accompanied them. Cal-Ore's customer profile series formed the backbone of their content marketing and social media programs, and I'm proud to have helped this great company compete with the big guys.


Ozotech — Purifying the World’s Water from the Shadow of Mount Shasta

In the idyllic Shasta Valley, on the other side of Butcher Hill from Yreka, California, a nondescript warehouse building houses one of the most advanced water filtration companies in the world: Ozotech. “We like it here in Yreka,” Ozotech President Steve Christiansen says with a wink. “We can keep our technology safe because nobody can find it.” Then Christiansen lights up the Corona Discharge Cell to demonstrate. It’s a 3-foot glass tube wrapped in a perforated metal grid. When Christiansen connects the electricity, a center cathode radiates a blue electric shock that looks like something out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. This is how ozone is made... read more>>>

To Connect and Serve — the Yreka Police Department

Yreka Police Chief Brian Bowles’ job includes many responsibilities that keep him stuck in the office most of the day: paperwork, phone calls, meetings and planning for an upcoming move to replace the historic-but-cramped Yreka police station. But don’t think that the chief isn’t keeping a close watch on Yreka. “As you move up the ranks in a small police department, you actually do less on-the-ground police work,” Bowles says... read more>>>

A Vision for Success in the Klamath Basin — Klamath Eye Center

Justin Sparks might seem an unusual candidate for director of operations of the biggest eye center in the Klamath Basin; he comes from a background as a contractor and he has 20/20 vision. But when the Klamath Eye Center hired Sparks to do some construction projects back in 2004, his work was so impressive that the Klamath Eye Center took him on full-time. Sparks scribed under Dr. Mark Fay for almost three years – learning the ins and the outs of the business and earning his way up to Director of Operations... read more>>>