Two years ago, I made the half-joking suggestion to my bike racing teammate Dan Gonzalez that, "we should make a show called 'Behind the Element' where we hang out behind your Element and talk about the race."

It was a spoof of the defunct web series "Behind the Barriers" featuring American cyclocross champion Jeremy Powers.

"Yeah totally," Dan said. 

Oh and I guess it's worth mentioning: Dan has a master's degree in film.

So two years later, with minimal planning, we started filming at this year's Cross Crusade. We filmed an episode for every race. We found stars in Stephen Beardsley and Ryan Weaver. And by the end of the season, people were cheering out "D-Bow" and "Behind the Element" when I raced by them.

It was fun.

Click here to see the episodes with original descriptions by Dan.

Or just watch every single episode below:

Director, Videographer, Editor: DANIEL GONZALEZ
Writer, Director, "Actor": Me