I've read VeloNews since 1992. Thanks to some friends on the CSU Cycling team, I got a shot to contribute a few things to their website and their print magazine. Here are the highlights:

Ernest Gagnon: a Bicycle and a Few Friends Lead a Big Man into an Even Bigger World

Ernest Gagnon contacted me out of the blue via Facebook message and basically said, "you should write a story about me." I read his website, found out he'd brought himself to the brink of death with an easting disorder and depression, then lost over 200 pounds cycling. I replied, "HELL YES I SHOULD!"

The story, published on VeloNews.com, went viral and beat out all of VeloNews's Tour de France coverage for several days. It was later voted a Top 12 of 2012 story by VeloNews and picked up by NPR.

Read the story here on VeloNews.com>>>

2012 US Cyclocross National Championships

When Velonews briefly found themselves without a domestic race reporter, they sent me in to cover Cyclocross Nationals. "So who's going with me?" "No one." I was terrified, having only one experience with race reporting, but giddy. The weekend was a 72-hour panic attack as I ran across the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, scratching illegible notes and trying to convince America that I understood what I was doing.

But there's no place I'd rather have been than inside of that fencing, watching Jeremy Powers finally win the national championship.

J Pow Finally Wins>>>

Zach McDonald Wins U23>>>

Katie Compton Goes For Eight in a Row>>>

Burnouts, Cinders and Fraternity Pride: the University of Indiana's Little 500 Is Unlike Any Other Bike Race on Earth

I flew out to Bloomington Indiana to team up with my childhood friend and photography professor Aaron Hegert. We managed to get ourselves into a 10 a.m. fraternity house keg party where kids dresses in matching gear did beer bongs in their stately courtyard littered with red cups and vomit. We went behind the scenes into the house's extensive bicycle training facility and met the team's racers as they warmed up and readied for the day. While all this was happening, perfectly respectable adult alumnus partied and chanted out front. It was totally fucking insane. Seriously. It was hard to believe. 

We wrote and shot a print article that you unfortunately cannot read online, but here's a letter form the editor about the magazine issue that at least proves my claim that i published a print article in Velonews:

Velo Magazine — July 2012>>>